JBoss Group services are provided by a family run business who are all experienced in their fields.  

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We understand a certain vehicle may mean the world to you, therefore we take the very best of care with your prize possesion and appreciate the importance of a car or motorcycle etc. from personal experience.

Vehicle storage

Storage is available for your cars, motorcycles, vans etc. Our secure unit located in a private gated area monitored by CCTV 24/7 (with owners living on site) contains a high quality resin coated floor for prestige vehicles. Different packages can include regular check ups on your vehicle, start ups and we can move your vehicle around on schedule depending on your storage package. It will be covered in a supreme quality car cover and a standard 48hr access is available with a request in advance (out of hours service available).

Auto services

Service facilities include:

-Car transportation within a fully enclosed, maximum width Brian James car transporter. Additional low rise ramps allow very low ground clearance to be catered for. Your vehicle will be fully insured and the trailer tracked for its duration.

-4 wheel laser alignment including camber, toe and caster adjustment.

-TPMS set/reset and diagnostics.

-4 corner weighing (up to 1500kg) for precise measurements on weight balance at each corner of your vehicle.